Heya, I’m not dead :D

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Hey, so a lot has happened recently. First off, I moved cities for a new job and that’s why my coverage has been spotty to say the least. Unfortunately, I’ll only really get settled November-ish, maybe a bit sooner.

What did I do since February you ask? Well, I looked into disassembling Devil Children Black, Red and White Book. But that hasn’t really broken the off-the-ground mark yet, because I’m super picky about automating as much as possible including function call arguments and stack manipulation. I might have to scale back my expectations from unreasonable to barely doable tho *le sigh*

Then I have been dumping a small number of European Gameboy games (should all be in DoM by now) and importing some stuff from Taiwan for release in the near future or whenever, see post below. Basically, I’m not releasing because I’m unsure about the classification, but if no info turns up, I’ll just have to do it anyway and maybe recat later.

There is also MMM01 research stuff I almost completed (one bit’s functionality — if any — still eludes me) but had no time to clean up yet and put in the wiki. Code describing the functionality is in MESS though.

Then I went on to document/dump some Gowin games lent to me by various individuals, but only got so far as to fully verify one dump and document one PCB — which turned out to be the more interesting one anyway.

So right now there’s plans for Sachen, Gowin, Datel, some random Sintax games, misc Gameboy MBC research stuff, some disassembly stuff and probably some other stuff I forgot. I also want to get into Virtual Boy homebrew more and might think about dumping my WonderSwan collection or lending it to somebody who can dump them easily. It’s unfortunate that I tend to get super busy and drawn into work all the time, but then again, having a job beats living on the streets 😉