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Heya, I’m not dead :D

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Hey, so a lot has happened recently. First off, I moved cities for a new job and that’s why my coverage has been spotty to say the least. Unfortunately, I’ll only really get settled November-ish, maybe a bit sooner. What did I do since February you ask? Well, I looked… Read more »

Small 2014 update

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So I’ve been somewhat busy tracking down some unconfirmed Gameboy cartridges from the no-intro set. Glad to say that right now only German Pokémon Yellow is missing from German DMG games 🙂 Have some other games in store I dumped and forgot about, but will commit them to DoM soon… Read more »

VUE News

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In other news: I built a Virtual Boy dumper, which I dubbed “VUE Cart Reader” after the “GB Card Flasher” by Kraku & Chroost. I pestered no-intro’s shippa into creating a source table for Virtual Boy and will proceed to dump all of my games (almost the entire library, sans… Read more »