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VUE Cart Reader v1.1In other news: I built a Virtual Boy dumper, which I dubbed “VUE Cart Reader” after the “GB Card Flasher” by Kraku & Chroost.

I pestered no-intro’s shippa into creating a source table for Virtual Boy and will proceed to dump all of my games (almost the entire library, sans the top 3) in due course (though I got delayed, see last post xD). So stay tuned for that update 😉

Will probably release schematics and software when I’m done with that. It’s basically an ATmega32U2 using the LUFA USB stack, some I/O extenders and the cart connector from a donor VB, as you can see above.
However, host side software is stuck in infancy using libusb. Currently, I implemented do_it{0,1,2} to dump data and did not code a proper user library/API… So I definitely aim to improve that before I dump the rest of the games, because I know I’ll slack off if I dump all of them first 🙂

P.S.: I also set up a repository at used to be, but the repo moved when gitorious shut down. for my C re-implementation of the GB Cart Flasher firmware. I wanted to consolidate and push my different branches onto there (I have a few for dumping special games), but then I found BitBucket, so I guess I’ll move there before doing that 🙂 So still more stuff on the agenda for now.

1 This used to be, but the repo moved when gitorious shut down.