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Yeah, so I uh.. procrastinated a little with everything here 🙁 Anyway, I totally had time today to fix some things up on this site, but as you can see, still no magic header image rotation 😐 I was busy doing important™ stuff™ for university, like working towards my M.Sc.

Anyway, what have I been up to lately? I bought some cartridges, hunted down other cartridges, dumped them and even entered some of them into the no-intro Dat-O-Matic.

Some time ago, I started collecting Game Boy Cartridge PCBs — after all, I did have some games from my trip to Japan from way before. So right now, I have collected a good number of PCBs to find out mappings etc. I started with a list from some Polish dude from over here and through opportune investments I now pretty much have all of the DMG PCBs and most of the CGB PCBs. Also:

  • the GB Memory Cartridge (G-MMC1),
  • Net de Get Minigame@100 (MBC6),
  • Kirby’s Tilt’n’Tumble & Command Master (MBC7), and
  • legitimate Chinese multi-cartridges DMG-601-CHN (TC74HC161AF), DMG-603-CHN, DMG-605-CHN (both MMM01)

Still haven’t found out if some form of naming scheme like for schedule 1 games applies.
The G-MMC1 cart is DMG-A20, MBC6 is CGB-A32 (CGB!), MBC7 2/4/8Mbit is DMG-A40, MBC7 16/32/64Mbit is DMG-47. I doubt any boards in-between exist, but at first I doubted that for the DMG-A0x, DMG-A1x boards as well and now I’m only missing 3 (+2 unlikely to exist) out of 20! So right now, I’m missing DMG-A00, DMG-A01 (both unlikely to exist), DMG-A05, DMG-A17, and DMG-A19. And that’s it for the schedule 2 (MBC-5) PCBs.

So that’s what I have been up to these days. I made schematics of all the boards and took pictures of all of them. I’ll see if I either upload to the wiki and document there, or upload here using an upload plugin or mix wiki and blog or whathaveyou…