More Sachen Updates Incoming

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So I recently acquired more Sachen games, among them are 31B-001 (Taiwanese version), 16B-002 (2x 8B with switch), the elusive 6B-001, which I guess is now confirmed to exist and an unknown 16B variant featuring the Mahjong titles and a wide selection of other titles, meaning it’s not just two 4B/8B ROMS back-to-back.

I then went on to actually automagically split the ROMs into individual sub-ROMs and compare them for revision differences etc. This yielded some boring results, where the combined 4B ROMs have no header, an unencrypted header or a different entry-point to fool Sachen’s own simple logo-based copy protection. The most interesting thing I found is a 5-in-1 cartridge featuring Stotris and the Mahjong titles as opposed to the regular 4B-003 4-in-1 cartridge.

The menus are about the same, and Stotris has even the same entry point for both entries, so it’s likely that – Sachen being Sachen – it’s actually the same game code with just a few different arguments passed to it for Stotris 1 and Stotris 2. Still, it’s a fun little discovery, anyway 🙂

The rest of the games will be put up on DoM shortly and I’ll keep updating the other Sachen post I made below with dump dates etc. I documented the different 4B color menus and what solder options will trigger them. Of course, half the menus are broken, because why not, and both 16B menus might have a bug… fun. Still, probably going to try in MESS to see if the games load properly anyway.

I also took some time to update my WP site theme, so if anything is broken, that’s probably why 🙂