More MIN measuring fun

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Pokémon Mini So I tried to evoke a response of my comatose Pokémon Mini again, but nothing on the supposed CN3-23 (#RD?) or CN3-29 (FR?) lines. Pictures of the patient on the left.

As I said above, CN3-23 wouldn’t budge, CN3-29 stays low the whole time. I get the feeling that maybe CN3-29 is actually an input for some LCD status signal (#DOF?; MIO?) and that’s why the MIN panics when the LCD seemingly doesn’t come out of reset? I might try to pull it up via a resistor next time when I measure stuff.

This time I used the “Nth” triggering option of my scope to look at the LCD signals some more. I used this feature to determine the sequence I got to see so far:
Pokémon Mini Init Sequence

  • 1x write to command register
  • 8x the following sequence:
    • 3x writes to command register
    • 96x writes to data register
  • 2x writes to command register
  • 16x writes to command register
  • 1x write to command register
The first 806 writes take roughly 9ms, while the final write occurs at 350ms after the initial write access — which leads me to believe that’s roughly the time when the MIN gives up and enters some indeterminate state where it won’t turn off any more. So we have 8 writes of 96 bytes in the first frame, i.e. 8x (96 x 8) 1bpp pixels of data, which seems right. The three writes preceding every sequence do the setup for that row of data.

Two more pictures of my setup and the final seconds of the CN3-23 (#RD?) pad. For reset, I use tweezers to hit the two pads while holding an additional probe in place for A0 (some of the time anyway).