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Dumping a Satellaview Datapak Cartridge

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So recently there was discussion about whether or not one of byuu’s datapak dumps for Satellaview held up to scrutiny. Since I happened to pick up the exact same game while recently in Japan — because it looked cool, not because I thought it needed redumping — I thought why… Read more »

More MIN measuring fun

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So I tried to evoke a response of my comatose Pokémon Mini again, but nothing on the supposed CN3-23 (#RD?) or CN3-29 (FR?) lines. Pictures of the patient on the left. As I said above, CN3-23 wouldn’t budge, CN3-29 stays low the whole time. I get the feeling that maybe… Read more »

MIN progress

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So I broke my Pokémon Mini (MIN) trying to solder some wire-wrap onto the LCD connector. Wire-wrap was of course as big as each pin and pitch was only 0.5mm, so yeah… That didn’t work out. I was going to check out the display signals while actually seeing the display… Read more »

Blog Tinkering

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Jack Frost

So I finally got some webspace, my own second-level domain and I already set up a blog and a wiki (in private mode for now). Basically, I have never done much web technology stuff, so this is my first plunge into unknown waters. And I already had to delete the… Read more »