Small Sachen Update

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So I received more Sachen carts in the mail today and finally confirmed that Sachen’s MMC1 also has 8 high address lines, as could be guessed from the zero-adjustment being performed on all 8 data bits. Probably now going to change the dumper to read RB 0x00 from 0x4000-0x7FFF by using masking instead of ROM aliasing. Anyway, I updated the wiki page accordingly.

I also received two Sintax carts. One is currently not working, though I managed to boot it up once after like a hundred tries. Not sure what’s wrong with it yet. Anyway, they feature “Deutsche Vision”, aka shoddy German translation 😛 One is “Donkey Kong 5”, the other is “Incredible Hulk” (CGB-SYS-USA, for some reason…).