Small 2014 update

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So I’ve been somewhat busy tracking down some unconfirmed Gameboy cartridges from the no-intro set. Glad to say that right now only German PokΓ©mon Yellow is missing from German DMG games πŸ™‚ Have some other games in store I dumped and forgot about, but will commit them to DoM soon enough πŸ˜‰

Been somewhat busy today working on the VUE Cart Reader some more after I dumped my entire collection a few weeks ago. I just finished write support and the firmware is now complete — just missing some optimizations I’m not sure are worth it… The host app now has a Reader::bulk_read function instead of Reader::do_it3, too πŸ˜‰
That’s my first project using LUFA and libusb (blocking API, no firmware support for concurrent operations) and I have to say, it does take some time getting used to. libusb not so much as LUFA. I swear Dean Camera fucking loves his global variables -_-”
Well, just a little bit more polishing and I’m going to upload it here, schematics and all.

Speaking of schematics, I guess it’s time to upload those Game Boy and Virtual Boy cartridge schematics I had been talking about earlier. This will probably go into the wiki once I’m somewhat confident I triple-checked everything — already went over it twice and still found some signals that mysteriously vanished from revision to revision. Git sucks for binary files (which it detects Altium schematics to be…), so I’m kind of doing back to stone-age versioning of PDF files :-/

Well, I guess there hasn’t been going on much more, really.