Opening Sachen “4 in 1” 4B-007

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So I recently acquired a Sachen game, 4B-007 “4 in 1”. Of course, I had to open it somehow to look inside… Cartridges are a bit smaller than regular Game Boy cartridges and they lack a screw at the back. So with no easy way to open it and prying and shoving on the edges not helping, I had to resort to a more forceful approach. So I used my trusty dremel to dremel the back off where the screw was supposed to be.

I pretty much dremeled away until I could make out what was holding the shells together. I hit part of the PCB — see that green smear :)? — but no worries there.

So after violently separating the shells, I now know how they were assembled. Turns out they used four snap-fit lugs on the sides — 1.0cm and 4.4cm down from the top edge on both sides, in case you were wondering — as well as a press-fit connection instead of a screw. Basically, what you can see in the shell images are the outer hub on the back shell with a hole in it where I dremeled the base of the shaft away. And yes, I just googled these terms.

Press-Fit JointPart of the shaft can be seen in the hub on the front shell. The hub on the front shell in turn is a shaft of its own for the hub on the back shell. No idea if there are barbs at the end of the inner shaft, I doubt it though.
The picture on the left shows what it would look like if I had not broken it. Blue hub and shaft on the back shell, red hub on the front shell; not to scale.

These cartridges were obviously never made with servicing or opening in mind. It should be possible to gently unhinge the lugs and then pull the press-fit joint apart, but it probably requires a really sensitive approach to work without telltale signs of the cartridge having been opened.

Well, the inside was kind of a let-down. I was kind of eager to find a full-size PCB with mapper plus ROM. What I found was a reduced-size PCB called SA-111 with a COB glob-top. This is actually mapper and ROM in one. I already found out how the Sachen mapper fools the DMG, but I need some time to merge the changes into a dumper firmware to dump the ROM. Also notice how the two holes on the left are actually pads for an electrolytic capacitor which was not fitted and not vias.

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