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One Week Later…?

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Next week… Now you know how that worked out… Anyway, I was recently contacted on no-intro about an update on the Sachen dumps. And I thought why not share my current progress with the rest of the world πŸ™‚ So, currently dumped physical media: 1B: — 001 – Beast Fighter… Read more »

More Toys :)

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So it’s been a while. akubi sent me some of her games that contain interesting PCBs — the most outstanding being DMG-Z01-01 followed by DMG-KECN-SP. Still no idea why they put an extra transistor on the latter tho… The former has some weird ROM where Sharp combined 2x 16Mbit in… Read more »

Sachen Update

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So thanks to BigFred from no-intro, I got my hands on more Sachen cartridges. A few were mono cartridges, which I managed to dump using my 4B-007 code. Unlocking color cartridges, which are compatible with CGB as well as DMG works just fine in DMG mode. However, the internal mechanics… Read more »

Sachen 4B Mono Mapper

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This information is superseded, see Sachen Mappers. I thought I might as well update that within hours of opening my 4B-007 cartridge I managed to dump it. Basically, the mapper has at least four registers. Lock register: Whether the mapper is unlocked or not, see below 0x0000-0x1FFF: base ROM bank… Read more »

Opening Sachen “4 in 1” 4B-007

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So I recently acquired a Sachen game, 4B-007 “4 in 1”. Of course, I had to open it somehow to look inside… Cartridges are a bit smaller than regular Game Boy cartridges and they lack a screw at the back. So with no easy way to open it and prying… Read more »

TAMA5 update

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So I took the time to look at all my cartridges now. So far all have the same PCB serial, 020309E4-01-1. Other data in the following table. ROM (TAMA7) MCU (TAMA6) Interface (TAMA5) B9748 43903A 9752H 9749 EAH1 B9748 43906A 9730H 9726 EAA1 C9749 43896B 9731H 9725 EAD1 J9748 43860A… Read more »

Small 2014 update

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So I’ve been somewhat busy tracking down some unconfirmed Gameboy cartridges from the no-intro set. Glad to say that right now only German PokΓ©mon Yellow is missing from German DMG games πŸ™‚ Have some other games in store I dumped and forgot about, but will commit them to DoM soon… Read more »

Wonderswan Cartridges

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Heya, back from holidays. So I decided to finally open up my WonderSwan games (all nine of them) from back in the day in 2007. I used a Torx 6 (T6) screwdriver for the cartridges as well as the WonderSwan Crystal (which might actually be T7). The edge connector has… Read more »